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About Us

Reside is an all-in-one platform that offers comprehensive technology, training, systems, and community designed for real estate teams and professional offices.

Our Story

Reside Platform is the brainchild of visionaries Jon Cheplak, Suneet Agarwal, Preston Guyton, and Nick McLean, who united their expertise in May 2023 to create a revolutionary company. 


At its core, Reside is dedicated to nurturing the growth and development of Real Estate Team and Brokerage Leaders, setting a new standard in the industry.


These four exceptional individuals aren't just founders; they are long-standing leaders and coaches with a track record of success. They've led their own teams to greatness and coached top leaders across the nation. 


They know what it takes to thrive in the real estate world, and they're determined to share that knowledge and expertise with the next generation of mega teams in North America.


With Reside Platform, their mission is clear: to empower you with the insights, strategies, and wisdom that have propelled them to the pinnacle of the industry. 

When you join Reside, you're not just a client; you're becoming part of a legacy of leadership excellence. Welcome to a new era of real estate success, guided by the best in the business.

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Our Mission

To Serve and Support Real Estate Teams and Brokerage to Build A Productive Business That Gives Them Happiness and Freedom They Desire in Their Personal Lives


Our mission at Reside is nothing short of transformational. We are driven by a singular purpose: to serve and support Real Estate Teams and Brokerages in crafting not just a business but a productive business. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering happiness and freedom to your personal life.


We believe that success should be defined not just by financial gains but by the quality of life it affords. Our mission is to help you build a real estate enterprise that isn't just profitable but deeply fulfilling. It's about striking that elusive balance between work and personal aspirations, so you can savor the happiness and freedom you've always desired.


With Reside by your side, you're not just chasing profits; you're pursuing a purposeful, joy-filled life. Welcome to a new era of real estate, where your business thrives, and you thrive alongside it. Your happiness and freedom – that's our ultimate mission

Our Values

Our Location

7 N Wenatchee Ave. Ste 302, Wenatchee, WA 98801

(509) 670-1071

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